Galileo Galilei did this really spectacular cover of the song “Chocolate” by The 1975 [video] I really like both versions, but Galileo Galilei gives this song a really dreamy feel.

Nujabes & Minmi - Shiki No Uta (Audiodoctor Hip Hop Remix)


Often (Kygo Remix) - The Weeknd


you were drunk in bed

every winter month, i fell in love

and you said you were crying over him


This just came on shuffle and for some reason I’m now really emotional, gosh I’m a wreck of a man

Lullatone - Finding a Leaf in Your Girlfriends Hair

Seijatachi- People in the Box 


I’m not ready to be happy
But if you would take my hand
And lay me down so softly
I think I’d make it out just fine.


Tokyo Ghoul OP: Piano Cover